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recently, the European Commission rapid alert system for non food (RAPEX) released in 2012 ninth bulletin, Wenzhou "5th Avenue" brand leather shoes surface was notified six chromium exceed the standard, 2400 pairs of shoes were destroyed, the loss of 3 million dollars. Wenzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded the relevant export enterprises, should pay close attention to the export of leather products six chromium content, speed up the improvement or adjustment of leather process. six price chrome exceeded 2400 pairs of shoes were destroyed , the European Commission's non food fast alert system, publishes weekly warning notifications to the outside world. The notification is normally communicated to the European Commission by Member States of the European union. in the agency's ninth issue this year, a shoe manufacturer in Zhejiang, Wenzhou, "5th Avenue" brand lady leather shoes, the system was informed of the six price chromium exceeded. Informed that, at present, 2400 pairs of shoes have been destroyed, loss of more than 3 U.S. dollars. it is reported that there are 9 cases involving six valence chromium in this bulletin, the raw materials of these products are all leather, including 5 cases of gloves, 3 cases of footwear and 1 cases of belts, and the notification countries are mainly germany. six chromium is a highly toxic inhalant / inhalation toxicant that may cause sensitization to skin contact. It is more likely to cause genetic genetic defects, inhalation may cause cancer, and there is a persistent risk to the environment. Six chromium compounds have carcinogenic effects in the body, can cause other health problems, such as runny nose, sneezing, itching, nasal bleeding, ulceration or perforation of nasal septum. China Leather Association reminded to avoid trade barriers The report released a cheap foamposites fter the Wenzhou entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau to respond in the first time, and to remind the relevant export enterprises, should be six chromium content of leather products exports high attention, accelerating the improvement or adjust the tanning process, to prevent the residual toxicity of six high chromium. At the same time, strengthen the procurement of raw and auxiliary materials management, select qualified material suppliers, and strengthen the purchase inspection gatekeeper. Wang Hailong, a spokesman for the AOKANG shoe industry in Zhejiang, said that the leather itself does not contain six chromium. The Wenzhou shoe prices were found in the EU six chromium prices exceeded, may be in the leather processing process of other raw materials generated. Wang Hailong said, since the abolition of the Chinese leather anti-dumping tax, China Leather Association of leather products enterprises warning, should strengthen the product quality control, in order to avoid the EU through other ways, trade barriers to domestic leather export enterprises. however, Wang Hailong also said that the EU has not yet heard of the domestic leather enterprises take large-scale measures, "just because the individual enterprise does not meet industry standards, and the EU to take measures." (editor in chief: Qiu AI) just past June; Quanzhou's exports reached a single month high. Total exports of $516 million 800 thousand rose by nearly 50% over the same period last year. The city's foreign trade and economic conference held yesterday showed that in the first half of the year, Quanzhou made new breakthroughs in foreign trade, import and export, foreign capital utilization and foreign economic cooperation. according to the latest data by the foreign office, 1-6 months, the city exported $2 billion 236 million, buy cheap jordans online an increase of 26.27%, higher than the average growth rate of 4.8 percentage points, 786 million dollars of imports also exceeded the average growth rate, growth of 10.39%. From the average export prices, textile, clothing and shoes Quanzhou two big fist products export prices were increased by 12% and 15%. The market, the United States and Japan, Europe, Hongkong and ASEAN's five largest traditional market exports accounted for about 60% of the city, an increase of 28% emerging market exports to achieve a breakthrough. the use of foreign capital also hit a new high of 1, in June the city's contracted foreign capital $2 billion 32 million, an increase of 74.6%. In addition, in the first half of this year, Quanzhou also achieved foreign labor service cooperation with a turnover of US $11 million 520 thousand, and 6 enterprises successfully "went to sea". At present, a total of 66 overseas investment enterprises have been approved. the meeting pointed out that the second half of the year, I will conform to the national export tax rebate policy adjustment, accelerate the transformation of industrial upgrading and transformation of the growth mode of foreign trade, and guide enterprises from the number of export oriented "to" export benefit oriented ", to overcome the impact of the implementation of the use of foreign capital in traditional industry the new income tax law, for heavy the use of foreign capital, new energy and other emerging industries project implementation and the implementation of landing, ensure that the annual target. Vice mayor Chen Rongzhou attended the meeting and delivered a speech. in the first half of 60 ultra ten million U. s.dollars project settled in Quanzhou, the total investment of large foreign projects soared 4.56 times big project has become a powerful eng air jordan 11 space jam for sale ine for foreign capital utilization in Quanzhou". The first half of the year, 60 millions of dollars over projects settled in Quanzhou, bringing the total investment of $6 billion 326 million, an increase of 4.56 times, creating a new record in the use of foreign investment in large projects. new industry and a new Changyuan the use of foreign capital. Among them, Fujian joint petrochemical project total investment of 4 billion 963 million U. s.dollars, to LED light spot products, electronic chip and other products based electronic information industry, the introduction of contracted foreign capital 71 million 500 thousand U. S. dollars. Two major factors jointly wrote the excellent answers to the foreign capital utilization in the first half of this year: in 1-6, 300 new foreign-invested enterprises were granted, and 68.7 of the total foreign investment was investedASICS this fall GEL SIGHT and launched a pink line, not a woman's exclusive. This one is in a full of vitality of the contour with high contrast black and white suede leather, and then coupled with a bright pink soles and interior. Inadvertently reflects the bright pink. They are expected to log in to tiger ASICs retailers this fall. source: Invincibleyou don't get me wrong? Rondo shoes to the nine generation, this time? Anta introduced to Rondo number in the name of the endorsement of shoes? Rondo 9?, is taking the practical route of parity, the outer bottom multi direction lines with Rajon? Rondo difficult to predict the breakthrough attack and air hole toe to provide good heat dissipation, with the exception of Searl Feldman color outside also launched a black and white blue color, priced 90 dollars. news report: CeltkicksPUMA jogging shoes series Faas family has been jogging in the market acclaimed, in the shoe color with the technological evol Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ution are spent a lot of time, looking forward to the exclusive jogging shoes design according to different characteristics of consumer demand, regardless of race or the pursuit of lightweight shoes needs runners can find suitable products, and the forthcoming in the spring of 2013 to launch the Faas shoes also had the new change, emphasis on "light", and add the suspension cell technology (CushionCELL), improve the running efficiency. Faas 300 V2 focuses on light weight Faas 300 V2 is a lightweight jogging shoe for light weight training and racing runners. Faas 300 V2 not only has shock cell technology (CushionCELL) to reduce the burden of runners, in the shoes side of the machete part of the TPU material design, so that the shoes side closer to the foot, improve the stability of the running process. In addition, the upper vamp's super breathable fabric reduces the dull heat generated by the movement, improves the air permeability inside the shoes and provides a great sense of comfort in running. The outsole of the shoe is made of soft, elastic rubber material mixed with super - abrasion resistant rubber, which can effectively reduce the weight of the shoes besides increasing the shock absorption effect. This shoe provides high chroma and low color shoes, to meet the different color preferences of consumers. 500 in accordance with the design of human gait new Faas 500 V2 by Faas Foam an evolution in the bottom of the material, and reduce the thickness of the bottom, compared with the first generation of Faas 500 not only reduces 30 grams of weight, adding suspension cell technology (CushionCELL) to improve the running efficiency of runners. Faas TPU 500 V2 shoes side of the whole cloth using the material, through the shoelace after tightening effect more fit the foot, increase encapsulation, and also enhance the stabi jordan 3 katrina 2018 lity of movement. The sole part uses the wear-resisting shock proof double effect outsole, the front foot and the heel part uses the ultra hard wear-resisting rubber, the sole uses the FLEX trough design, both nimble and grasping, and displays the high security. This shoe provides high chroma and low color shoes, to meet the different color preferences of consumers, make the runner can be both functional and fashionable. After first sold in 20 years ago, Reebok Instapump Shaq Attaq 4 with engraved attitude back, in addition to the original color of course to launch the new color to cater to the market now, the launch of the Royal Blue collocation red dotted, and add the ink in the decoration Tim in the end, the color of the blue color to Xiao Bian think of the 1995 NBA All Star Games, but that is the Reebok Shaqnosis O'Neal? If with this appearance, may with the collocation shirt quite perfect, yet there is detailed information available. news source: solecollector? believe you all know that this year is the exploration of shoe Air Force 1 30th anniversary, if 25th anniversary is the past that capture the essence of 30th anniversary is undoubtedly in the break the rules, find Air Force 1 Ultimate possibility, from 25th anniversary to 30th anniversary and the subtle changes in context, can you see one or two slightly in our elaborate Air Force 130th anniversary special, but Air Force 1 has been sui generis, before we have not yet understand its broad and profound picture, it is a step toward Nike Lunar, Force 1 in Yan was born! of course, the best thing for us to do is to call both Lunar Force 1 and the name "Air" It can only be said that the technology used by Nike on Lunar Force 1 is luxurious! Besides the midsole and outsole Lunarlon shock absorbing material, the heel also prepared a Zoom air in Lunarlon, the ori jordans on sale online ginal add comfort when walking heel to continue action, it is a little foul, right? in addition to Lunarlon shock absorber material uppers is material Hyperfuse structure to three layers of different properties (a layer of a layer that specializing in stability, permeability, a layer of attention to durability) into a lightweight composite layer, and reduce the internal suture plus no boots fasten shoelaces can fit in, more is not easy to wear foot. Other such as durable shoe, affixed to the outer bottom (from 7mm down to 5mm), plus Hyperfuse shoe with the help of Lunarlon, Nike Air Force will further weight from the original 1 to 17.6 ounces is reduced to Nike Lunar Force 1 11.7 oz. Lunar Force 1 is the newest member of the Nike Air Force 1 family, but plays a important role in our tribute to milepost, past 30th anniversary at the same time, excited inevitably will start the next 30th anniversary am! adidas Harden Vol.1 James Harden is closely related with the surrounding elements and develop different color, let love Harden fans can from the shoes and found many spokesmen closely linked ingenuity. The protagonist is a beard on the pitch opponents elusive offensive means as design inspiration, and the shoe body block between the material stacked showing exquisite level, color visual effect set in addition to highlight the overall profile, collocation degree is also quite good. Harden Vol.1 'Dark OPS' in Taiwan yesterday has been officially on sale, the official price of 5290 yuan, interested friends can go to the location of the adidas stores or distributors contact. adidas Originals NMD has been a focus of attention since its launch, in addition to the color change, Adidas began by changing the Primeknit way to restructure its knitted shoe body structure to bring more different combinations, new styles of shoe textur Retro jordans for sale e slightly rough comparison, if not earlier so smooth and meticulous, visual presentation very dark grey pattern flow. adidas Originals NMD R1 Primeknit is expected to be released on January 30th. source: adidas for the first time Flyknit flying weaving technology applied to shoes on the Nike Kobe 9 in the release, when the shoe industry really threw a shock bullet, but the super high cylinder design is also the first time in the Kobe series shoes appear. Even if Kobe Bryant is absent this playoffs battlefield because of injury, but Nike Basketball still as usual for Kobe X launched Elite version, as seen by the high tube design, people can not help but have actually had the same blood feeling of the two generation of shoes between. Vamp chooses polyester fiber blend Flyknit with environmental protection properties and a large purple whole revealed on behalf of tone of the Lakers, also can be found through the picture seems to be able to jump off the pants collocation only the traditional concept of the use of the stadium. This color matching Taiwan has also been sold in some stores, and the experience you want to experience must not be missed. source: HYPEBEAST in MARVEL's world with different Terran Inhumans view of the world, if you want to control who is suitable for the interpretation of the role today, maybe Michael Phelps is one of the best representatives of different than normal skeletal development, in addition to arms horizontal extension can reach the height of 193 centimeters longer than 201 cm, with long legs Phelps only 81 centimeters wide as giant webbed foot can quickly draw water, like slender fish like fast forward, this is so let Phelps get the "flying fish" reputation. As the largest number of Olympic medals 18 gold medals in one Olympics is to keep people, single player most gold record (2008 B cheap air jordans eijing Olympic competition 8 total gold). has become the focus of the spotlight Phelps had repeatedly broken its own best record in the Olympic games. The negative impact has gone through retirement and alcohol rehab in 2012 at the age of growth, but these trials also makes Phelps more skillful mind. Under Armour sees this, extending the original intention of Rule Yourself in the latest image advertising with the upcoming fifth degree Olympics, the Rio Olympics in the history of the greatest Olympic athletes to cooperate. In addition to see Phelps for a different fresh appearance in the most authentic appearance for strict training, selection of The Kills BGM in The Last the most unique single band Goodbye, the electric piano melody Alison Mosshart black and wistful voice, seem to bring out Phelps born to swim, for the last battle to the warrior mood, make the advertisement more shocks the heart charm. Honor, achievement, or value may no longer be important, but with the addition of Michael Phelps, I believe it will make the current Rio Olympic swimming event even more exciting. New, #RuleYourself, spot, featuring, @MichaelPhelps, tomorrow., See, his, emotional, drops, reaction, the, first,, time, he, saw, it. - Under Armour (@UnderArmour) March 7, 2016 Under Armour Taiwan official fan pageJason Kidd classic Air Zoom boots Flight 95 will be born in 20th anniversary on the occasion of this section will return to the stage, with black and white color, and with a large area of decorative lines shoes carbon fiber body, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. item: 806404-001Price: nike-air-zoom-flight-95-se-3.jpg (47.1 KB, download number: 6) download Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 SE 2015-10-9 20:23 upload nike-air-zoom-flight-95-se-2.jpg (56.92 KB, download number: 18) download jordans on sale mens Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 SE 2015-10-9 20:23 upload nike-air-zoom-flight-95-se-4.jpg (38.23 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 SE 2015-10-9 20:23 upload nike-air-zoom-flight-95-se.jpg (46.95 KB, download number: 17) download Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 SE 2015-10-9 20:23 upload nike-air-zoom-flight-95-se-1.jpg (44.82 KB, download number: 9) download Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 SE 2015-10-9 20:23 upload nike-air-zoom-flight-95-se-5.jpg (36.02 KB, download number: 16) download Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 SE 2015-10-9 20:23 0Climacool 1 Climacool technology opens the back door engraved, the brand will launch another Adidas Climacool Voyager. This use of breathable mesh surface composed of shoe body, while the bottom is more like the use of outdoor activities and special rubber outsole, interested friends may wish to look at. 1.jpg (360.14 KB, download number: 29) download adidas Climacool Voyager 2016-6-8 09:16 upload 4.jpg (352.37 KB, download number: 31) download adidas Climacool Voyager 2016-6-8 09:16 upload 3.jpg (214.3 KB, download number: 36) download adidas Climacool Voyager 2016-6-8 09:16 upload 2.jpg (138.49 KB, download number: 43) download adidas Climacool Voyager 2016-6-8 09:16 upload 6.jpg (324.05 KB, download number: 35) download adidas Climacool Voyager 2016-6-8 09:17 upload 5.jpg (201.23 KB, download number: 28) download adidas Climacool Voyager 2016-6-8 09:17 upload 7.jpg (128.99 KB, download number: 43) download adidas Climacool Voyager 2016-6-8 09:17 upload 9.jpg (427.52 KB, download number: 40) 0Sports players Nike Air Max 90 Essential all-black color & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2014-09-10 10:57:02 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chi jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black nese shoes network Sept. 10 news, sports brand Nike recently for its classic running shoes Air Max 90 brought this pair of new "Triple Black" color. Although it is all black color of the set, but on the material selected multiple combinations of leather, Nubuck, mesh and nylon to create a rich sense, but then carry signs cushion outsole made. The shoes priced at $ 110. (Media Partner: Winnipeg shoe image progenitor cloud shoes) Related newsthis is almost the perfect carbon fiber wheel in our minds, but there's still a little regret. "a pair of dream wheel products - rigid, lightweight, braking in dry and wet state, but it's too expensive" highlights: lightweight, rigid, wide circle design, both aerodynamic and stability; dry and rain brake performance good; 25mm tyre optimization design disadvantages: high prices, titanium alloy quick dismantling rod is easy to damage; built-in gas nozzle may become the trouble fit people: want a pair of perfect carbon fiber wheel group and purse tight ENVE the use of new and different ring scheme to complete the transformation of secondary frame group SES 3.4 speed under the flag of new brake ring can be in dry or keep a good state of braking damp environment, brake block drum, but also many kinds of collocation and fetal. after we tested the SES 3.4 round in Colorado, Arizona, and the UK, we can say that we've fallen in love with this product, even though it's expensive, and it's not very satisfying. in the process of riding, the wheel group brings the feeling is light and lively. The braking system is very good, and it looks like this on wheels without fear of harassment by the wind. is a more wide rim (medial 21mm, lateral 29mm), brought a better aerodynamic effect, especially when 25mm tire collocation;Highlight characteristics of ENVE SES 3.4 l compatible tubeless system l implantable brake ring l 21mm 25mm tire rim width optimization design l front wheel ring: 38mm*29.75mm; rear wheel ring: 42mm*29mm l three ENVE, DT drum optional: Swiss 240, Chris King R45 (version for testing) l optional Version (version of the test version of the caliper disc brake caliper), version, version and disc brake tube tube tire, tire version l group 1271g (ENVE weight from the wheel drum, tube tire) to 1441g (Chris King brake drum, ) l Chris King is a beta version of the caliper collocation R45 drum, the weight of 1416g When shook the car, the wheel group gave us a feeling of lightness and feedback enough riding feeling; ??????running clothes uk Short Layered Bob Hairstyles http glamorous hairstyles com 30 trendy short layered hairstyles html shoe clearance sale in india The Worst Of Wal Mart 25 Pics clothes uk Short Layered Bob Hairstyles http &nb" /〉 air max metallic red bronze Lola and Bugs Bunny Space Jam DIY Wanna play a little one on one Halloween costume What 39 s up Doc Couples Costume woolrich blizzard Turn a shower curtain into fabulous large wall art This is such an awesome idea 6th Street Design School running clothes uk Short Layered Bob Hairstyles http glamorous hairstyles com 30 trendy short layered hairstyles html & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] 2013 was an extraordinary year for China. Adidas witness the transformation of a country, we witnessed the birth of the Chinese dream. While Adidas also believe that with the growing business of Adidas, will also reach a balance between business growth and social and environmental needs, bring a positive and lasting impact on the whole of China. This summer, "leading to the 2015 road" strategy of Adidas Greater China, was formally completed more than half. This strategy for the Adidas brand, successfully developed a sustainability roadmap. Adidas expanded its brand in the low-tier cities of retail coverage, creating a commercial value of the brand, in a wholly-owned dealer-operated stores and franchise stores have achieved excellence in retail operations, greatly improving the consumer's in-store shopping experience. All of these eventually Adidas brings solid financial results. In the first three quarters of 2013, sales in Greater China grew by 7%. This is a robust and sustainable growth, I believe that Adidas is on track, will be achieved, "the road leading to the 2015" Adidas's strategic objectives. Adidas Adidas also continued through community investment plan to invest in China. This year, Adidas announced Adidas Adidas - the music will benefit children's development project has been expanded to Sichuan Yingjing. The project was originally Wenchuan earthquake aid and the creation of, and later developed into a long-term development plan for the benefit of Ningqiang County in Shaanxi Province children. In addition to community investment program, adidas will continue to focus on the creation and development of a healthy environment. Adidas has been the fourteenth consecutive year, was included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, especially in the area of ??sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, Adidas already is the tenth out of the first textile, apparel and luxury goods industry. This year, Adidas efforts in governance of water pollution in China has also been recognized by the public and Environment Research Center. Since Adidas actively promote supply chain audits to identify and reduce the high pollution point, it became the "Best Performers" one. Adidas in China based on unremitting responsible operations, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Award Adidas is one of the top 20 most foreign corporate social responsibility. Whether it is in the world or China, the adidas Group are recognized as the leader in the field of corporate social responsibility brand. In addition, adidas is also concerned about the construction of China's sports. Adidas, Adidas passion for sport is the core of the brand, take advantage of this enthusiasm to encourage more Chinese people to develop a healthy and active lifestyle. In line with the government to improve the participation of target sports, Adidas introduced a variety of grassroots sports initiatives such as Adidas China greenery growth plans, currently there are 60,000 people involved. By Adidas training, running and outdoor sports, as well as tens of thousands of consumers have joined the ranks of Adidas. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network & nbsp; China Garment Network.)recently, Adidas for Blazers Damian Lillard launched signature shoes finally decided to landed in January 31st stores. the black nubuck leather uppers and high quality leather, and the toe and shoe body with central breathable mesh material. in the left heel department to "DL" mark and the right foot on the tongue of the word "Dame" shows the personal characteristics of shoes. [pictures from the Internet, FROM:SNEAKERNEWS] this is a famous shoemaker Limited Edt from Singapore and New Balance New Balance M577 together to create, in the design of the use of strong contrast between blue and orange, the color inspiration from Singapore a famous local shop. And this shoes will be limited to 240 pairs, and with a separate number of special shoebox packaging, for 577 of fans can be described as a rare opportunity Oh.

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